Our Story

Pioneering ASEAN marketplace lending. Time to get to know us better!

What is Investree?

Investree is an ASEAN-based financial technology startup with one simple mission: promote financial inclusion by matching
people who want to lend money directly with people who need to borrow money. We aim to enhance yield for lenders while
making it more affordable for borrowers.

We are driving financial inclusion through the digital space.

Helping Each Other Achieve Financial Freedom

Thailand is a nation well-endowed with highly promising natural, capital, and economic potential. But similar to other countries, the financial infrastructure and regulatory requirements often leave gaps in financial services for small companies and entrepreneurs.

Technological development to today has provided us with the tools to democratize financial services in an efficient and sustainable manner. Along this manner, investree is working with local partners to develop and apply technological innovation to the oldest financial product in the world which is loans. At its core, investree aims to provide direct links between savers and borrowers within an transparent ecosystem of trust. Once we remove the hefty intermediation process, what we end up with is a world where savers are provided access to new financial products while qualified small borrowers have better access to flexible and economical loans that suit their needs.

As a pioneering company, our working principles is to create trust, enhance integrity, innovation and professionalism that benefits stakeholders under the banner of the sharing economy.


Worakorn Sirijinda

How do we make our profits?

In line with investree's goals of ensuring openness, security and ease of access, we feel it is imperative to be transparent with everything including our fees. At investree we only charge Borrowers low, pre-defined, fees for accessing our credit services and zero fees to Lenders for the loans that they provide.

The Borrower's fee is derived from the marginal difference between the amount paid by the Borrower and the amount of interest due to the Lenders, and is called the processing fee.

Meet Our Team

Investree is managed by a team of financial and technology sector specialists with more than 20 years of experience in commercial bank, investment bank, and credit risk assessment. The team is joined together with the mission and vision of using their combined experience to promote financial inclusion for Thailand.

Management Team

Worakorn has been in commercial bank business for more than 15 years working in the development of banking operations and processes for such products as deposit, loan, currency exchange, treasury, custodian and trade financing. His last position was First Vice President at Thanachart Bank, in charge of lending and transaction management and processing. He received his Master of Science in Economics from Murray State University, Master of Engineering (Manufacturing) from Portland State University, and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Mahidol University.

Sanannart is one of Thailand’s leading expert in SME and nano credit financing with a career spanning more than 20 years. She is the former Chief Executive Officer of SG Capital Company Limited, formerly known as Singer Leasing (Thailand), Deputy Managing Director of Thai Credit Retail Bank where she successfully implemented and launch financing products that serve SME and nano credit market, and division head of the Siam Commercial Bank’s SME business strategy. Her experience covers the gamut of developing strategies, operational processes, and conversion of strategies into successful action plans. She received her MBA from National Institute of Development Administration, and Bachelor of Arts from Chiang Mai University.

Kaewkal has more than 25 years experience in the commercial bank industry, specifically in information technology. She has witnessed and participated in the digital evolution of Thailand’s banking sector having helped develop Thanachart Bank’s system for cash management, payment, cheque and trade finance in addition to being on the committee to develop the National e-Payment such as Prompt Pay Bulk Payment, Prompt Pay e-Wallet, Cross Bank Bill Payment and e-Donation. She was also a member of the technical team for the Bank of Thailand’s crypto currency Inthanon Project. Her last position at Thanachart Bank was Vice Present in charge of Information Technology and Digital Banking. She has a Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistic from King Mongkut Institute of Technology Lardkhabang.

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